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Featuring the Best Blowout in Beverly Hills

The Private Room is the exclusive spot for the best blowout in Beverly Hills. Top stylist Tina Dizon offers our unique Signature Service—the Beverly Hills Blowout™—for our discerning clientele. Formed by Tina’s experience and expertise in editorial, red-carpet, and on the runway, the Beverly Hills Blowout™ is fuller, sleeker, more voluminous, and lasts longer. Get your hair ready for all occasions, from the boardroom to your next high-end event, or when you simply want to feel your best, with the Private Room’s Signature Service.

The Private Room also offers off-site services for weddings, private parties, or days when you simply need to be pampered in the comfort of your own home. Our stylists can perform any hair service on-site at the location of your special event. Our beautiful salon is also available to be reserved for private parties and appointments, so you can impress with all that our top-rated team has to offer.

Why we have the best hairstylists for you

The Private Room’s aim is to provide the best hair stylist for your needs, no matter what. When you walk into our boutique salon, you’ll immediately notice the difference an attentive staff of expert stylists who truly care about the integrity of your hair.

We’ll begin with an in-depth consultation to decide on what hairstyle you’re going for, taking into account your hair type, length, and color, as well as your personal style. Our expert and highly-trained professionals are happy to provide a series of options so that you can decide on what works best. The Private Room simply offers a different level of attention than you’ll find anywhere else, as well as blowouts and styles that will last for as long as you need them and more. Contact the Private Room today to book your session.

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