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Hair Treatment Options for All Your Needs in Beverly Hills

The Private Room in Beverly Hills prides itself on offering hair treatment options that will revitalize your hair. Founded in 2011 by celebrity stylist Tina Dizon, The Private Room’s approach is to first and foremost preserve the integrity of your hair. It’s in that spirit that we created the Hair Elixirs—a cocktailed hair treatment customized to your needs. This Signature Service offers a set of three options for deep conditioning that repairs hair and prevents future damage.

Hair can quickly become damaged from day-to-day treatment—fried by blow dryers and straighteners, derived of moisture from sulfate-based shampoos and conditioners, or frayed with split-ends from time. No matter what the situation is, the Private Room offers a set of hair treatments that are guaranteed to bring your hair back to life.


  • Hair Elixirs
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Keratin Repair
  • Permanent Wave

Make Your Hair Grow Faster with Deep Conditioning Treatments

Growing your hair out can be a pain—especially with hair that hasn’t been treated right. That’s why The Private Room can help make your hair grow faster with our Repair and Rebuild treatments. We know the best way to grow hair is to repair dry, dull hair- from the inside out- and not just through deep conditioning. Our system nourishes hair and optimizes for growth. These effective solutions to dry, dull hair can also repair breakage that prevents your hair from growing. No matter what your hair needs, the experts at the Private Room will do what it takes to ensure your hair returns to health. That’s our brand promise. Book an appointment to get started today.

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