Signature Services

TPR Signature Services. Exclusively at The Private Room.

The Bang Station

From side-swept wisps to blunt-cut Cleopatras, bangs can easily transform your hair to make an iconic statement. Choose from our seven classic styles. $20*
The Cleopatra — Short, heavy, and cropped
The Bombshell — Longer and full
The Flirt — Long and side swept
The Rockstar — Full, heavy, and choppy
The Starlet — Long and soft
The Fringe — Longer and wispy
The Pixie — Short and wispy

*Price may vary depending on need for additional styling and cutting to customize framing and blending.

The Locks Lab

A full suite of services catering to your extensions needs, including clip-in and styles, and our drop-off extensions maintenance service. Fall in love with your hair and bring new life to your look.

The First Date — Clip-In Service, $20
Falling In Love — Clip-In & Style, $20 + Styling Fee
Therapy — Maintenance Service, $40 and up
The Commitment — Clip-In Custom Blending Service, $150 and up, not including extensions
I Do — Permanent Hair Extensions Service, By consultation only

Color Pop!

Non-toxic pigmented sticks are rubbed onto the hair to provide intense hues that typically last for one to two washes. Our colored, clip-in hair extensions can be washed, styled and re-used. Hair Chalking, $10 and up Colored (Clip-In) Hair Extensions, $15 per piece

Ballet Extensions

Developed exclusively by Tina and performed using a blending technique designed to create the most natural-looking, permanent extensions, the Ballet process is an art form — from customizing the colors, texture, and length, to the carefully-crafted application. Contact The Private Room to book a complimentary consultation.

The GLOSSary

A semi-permanent gloss service that gives hair high-shine and a mulit-faceted, jewel-glazed finish. Lasting 2-3 weeks, The GLOSSary not only brightens tresses and restores color vibrancy, it helps condition dry, dull hair. Each jewel-toned color reflects the shade of a specific gloss, but is customized for each unique hair color. $65


Creamy tone best for light blond

Imperial Topaz

Honey or beige tones best for dark blond


Caramel tones best for light brown

Tiger Eye

Almond Tones best for medium brown

Smoky Quartz

Chocolate tones best for dark brown


Espresso tones best for very dark to black


Red glaze best for all reds

Diamond Glaze

The ultimate shine and condition. Ideal for all hair colors and types, either by itself or add-on option to any jewel tone above. Additional $20